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Redragon K586-PRO BRAHMA Mechanical Keyboard , Tactile & Light-speed Fast Optical Blue Switche

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  • Ultimate Keyboard from Redragon - Full-featured optical-mechanical keyboard with all the extras. Epic blend of unique, extraordinary and practical features. Switch puller and 8 spare Redragon Optical switches included. Two each of blue, red, brown, and black to try out or replace.
  • Ultra-fast Optical Blue Switches - Enjoy the crispest typing experience with Redragon optical-mechanical blue switches, which actuation is nearly instantaneous. Response time of 0.2ms response time is 10x faster than standard mechanical switches. Dust-resistant optical-mechanical box switches have less mechanical complexity which makes it non-abrasive, spillproof and dustproof.
  • Customizable Charming RGB - 16.8 Million RGB backlights with 18 modes will never fail you when you need a fancy and cool vibe for play or work. Make your show if the pre-programmed them is not your type, all keys' lighting effect and brightness level are customizable and adjustable just like a palette.
  • Dedicated Macro Keys & Media Controls - 10 programmable macro keys (G1-G5, G6-G10) on the keyboard allow recording macros on the fly without any additional software required to be installed. Easy to edit and customize your creativity. The controls let you quickly play, pause, and skip the music right from the keyboard without interrupting your game. The dedicated scroll bar at the top right allows adjustment of system volume/keyboard backlight brightness.
  • Software Optional - All main features accessible from the keyboard. Optional software for more detailed operation available.